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Along with a beautiful friend I am pleased to have the opportunity to share your life’s journey within the experience you are currently at.  It is our Vision to provide care through this period of your life with kindness, light and love.
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Model Of Care
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What is an
 End of Life & Transitions Doula
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Doula Support Services

The information on this page is currently being designed... 

Co-founder of  Bare Soul Doula Care we are

Doula trained and certified from Douglas College's Faculty of Health Sciences, with an End of Life Doula Certificate of Course Completion Naomi is an Ordained Minister through Pathways of Light®, a Reiki

practitioner and Light Touch Massage Holistic Therapy.

As a community doula, my services are wholistic and are on a continuum of helping individuals and families plan for the future by providing end of living planning documents ie. (advance care plans, estate planning and home funeral criteria, advance medical directives) to working with the dying person and family accompanying and educating them throughout the death experience, assisting with family led death home care, and attending to spiritual or ceremonial needs as requested.

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