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End of Life & Transition Doula

What does an End - of -Life and TransitionDoula do?

As Doulas we provide emotional support, reassurance and information guidance to a client and their family.  An End-of-Life and Transition Doula provides advocacy between the Client and the Family, between the Client and the client’s medical team.  We do not speak on behalf of the client, but will assist the understanding, informed consent and decision-making process between our client and others.  A Doula works for her clients and not for the care providers or the hospital. We will discuss your concerns with you and can suggest options, and we can help you identify key questions that may help you with your decisions.  On your behalf, as your Doula we will help advocate your wishes to health care or family to best vocalize your wishes.


  • An End of Life and Transition Doula does not perform any medical or clinical tasks, such as taking blood pressure, diabetes testing, or any other blood work,  that would otherwise be done by the doctor, nurse practitioner, Registered nurse or other health care providers.

  • As a doula, we will not prescribe, diagnose or treat any medical problems.


  • An End of Life and Transition Doula does not take the place of family but provides a bridge of support between family members and their loved one.

  • For needs beyond the scope of the doula training, referrals are made to appropriate resources.


As an End of Life and Transition Doula we help you share insights about yourself, along with the stories of your life experiences, and goals and desires of your End of Life or Transition experience.  Discussions will take place regarding ways in which your Doula will be able to help you and your family during this transition in the best way possible.

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