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Doula Support Services


This is a three hour minimum service providing non-medical support and companionship to enable primary caregivers to leave the residence and take time for themselves. (min service $75, $25/hr thereafter)

YOUR LIFE GIFTS (hourly fee) $25

We support you as you sort through your possessions to determine if you wish to keep them, gift them or donate them sharing your memories, documenting photos and stories as you leave a legacy for your loved ones.

COMPANIONSHIP CARE (hourly fee) $25

Providing companionship is for emotional support and includes ideas such as being a partner for board and card games, reading together and exercise activities that are suited to the client.  Exercise can include seated yoga, qigong and exercises provided by the Doctor, Nurse Practitioner and Physiotherapist.

End of Life Doula Services


A three hour minimum service fee:  the following are support services that is provided as an End of Life Doula during the end of life transition in the home, at the hospital, hospice or senior's residence according to your wishes and on your terms. (min service $75, $25/hr thereafter)


Discuss the value of having the dying person document their wishes legally while they are of clear and sound mind to insure their instructions are followed by medical staff, loved ones and funeral directors.

  • Preparing a Care Plan that details how you would like your last moments to be lived.  As an Example do you wish to have visitors coming in to say goodbye, music, candles, loved pets.

  • Planning your funeral or memorial service

  • Writing your death notification or obituary

  • Preparing your Advanced Care Plan is a person's legally documented medical wishes  

  • Preparing / organizing your personal documents and information ie:  Wills, attorneys, health information, key personal information



Respite care provides temporary relief for a primary caregiver, enabling you to take a much-needed break from the demands of caregiving.  Caregiving, is a demanding job and no one is equipped to do it alone. That’s why respite care is so important. It can provide you with a short but vital break and help to relieve stress, restore your energy, and promote balance in your life.



We help you to be comfortable where you are staying -where you feel the most comfortable and relaxed, in privacy or around family and friends.  As an example we help provide and find music, communicate with your family to bring pictures or other personal effects.



When a person dies, there are so many details to attend to. This can be overwhelming for those left to mourn, therefore your End of Life Doula will continue to offer practical and emotional support to the family immediately after their loved one transitions, in the days that follow and beyond for as long as they need us.

THE BEDSIDE VIGIL -  Fee based on requirements 

This is the time when a person moves into the active dying phase. Death may occur within hours, days or weeks.  The vigil may be held at home, the hospital, hospice or any other care facility. As your End of Life Doula, we are your dedicated nurturing presence to help guide you through this natural process.  We help bridge the time for when the medical team must shift their focus to other patients in their care.

REIKI SESSION from $ 35 

Enjoy a sense of well being, relaxation and peace of mind.




Nothing can dim the light that shines within

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