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Model of Care:

End of Life and Transition Doulas work to assist in providing self-care, gathering information and encouragement to make informed choices that are right for you.  We are providing the following information to assist with questions, guidelines and boundaries as we move through your Journey with you.


As Transition Doulas,  Naomi Keating and Pam Ross, here-in labeled “Doula or We” as trained through Douglas College in the End-Of-Life Care Program -  can provide non-medical, holistic support and comfort, education, practical care and guidance that empowers the client to make informed decisions regarding their life transition.  Support may include education and guidance as well as emotional or spiritual care with the client and family. Communications will be in a respectful, non-judgmental, encouraging manner in order for the client's wishes to be fully understood.


We aim to support our client and his/her family through the End of Life or Transition period by creating memory books, arts or crafts, documenting stories and other such ideas that may come up in conversation to provide positive emotional support, compassion, knowledge and understanding of life’s journey.  We are inspired by the strength and wisdom of the universe and supported through education and honoured mentors.

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