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Raindrop Technique Client Information

​1.  The purpose of Raindrop Technique is to stimulate the organs, muscles, and systems of the body, boosting the immune system and releasing toxins,  promoting deep relaxation.


2.  Raindrop Technique is most effectively performed without talking to allow a clear connection, assisting the client to quiet the mind, assisting in the healing process.  


3.  As you relax and let go into the session, you are healing your body as you are the principal participant in your own healing.  


4.  Our healing occurs in layers and during a Raindrop session the healing will release when you are ready in body and mind; physically and emotionally.  


5.  The Raindrop Session stimulates detoxification of the body and it is advisable to drink plenty of water following a session and to reduce or avoid fluids such as pop, coffee or alcohol to assist the body in releasing the toxins.  Sometimes the detoxification process will result in body soreness, headaches, sinus drainage or coughing; there may be other symptoms related to the toxin release as well but the symptoms are temporary and can be an indication that the technique is working. Increasing the water intake will help release the toxins.


6.   Strong emotional releases can sometimes occur.  The oils also go directly to the muscles, tissues and organs throughout the body where emotions can also be stored in cellular memory.  Be gentle with yourself.


7.  The benefits may not be immediately apparent and the healing of the body will vary with people, and can continue throughout the week that follows.

8.  The Young Living essential oils used are generally safe to apply to the skin without reactions.  However, some people may react to some of the oils due to allergies or if there is a high level of toxins in the system, in these cases the oils can react and develop a rash from too rapid a detox following raindrop.  If this occurs, application of a good quality vegetable carrier can be applied to the area.

9.  The healing is from a higher source through the oils and the facilitator. No license or formal training is necessary. There are a variety of valid and effective ways to do Raindrop. While following a basic outline, the experienced facilitator may sometimes be led to vary the oils and the technique to fit the client according to their needs at the time. There may be some ways of applying the oils of Raindrop Technique that are more effective and some that are less effective, but there are no ineffective ways to do Raindrop. The important thing is to get the oils on the body where they can do the work.

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