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Enhance Your Connection with Inner Guidance

Week 1

Accepting Abundance

Letting Spirit Be in Charge


Week 2

Opening to Inner Guidance

Strengthening Communication with

Inner Guidance


Week 3

Going Gently

A Process for Achieving Greater



Week 4

Transforming Your Life

Changing Your Thoughts to

Change the World


Week 5

The Awakened Perspective

Releasing Judgment and Allowing

Love to Shine Through


Week 6

Accelerating Your Growth

Seeing the Messages in Your



Week 7

Building Your House of Light

Making Every Moment an

Empowering Experience


Week 8

Divine Play

Celebrating Love - Oneness


In this 8-week program, you learn to experience a greater connection with your Inner Guidance experiencing a process that puts you in touch with the innate abundance of your true Spiritual Nature.


In these sessions we will share our experiences, making it easier to release limiting concepts that you no longer need.


You experience getting in touch with your own Inner Light, and learn that it is has always been there for you.  Old limiting habits and beliefs dissolve, and you experience abundance and peace in your life.



Rev Naomi Michaud O.M.C



Fee for the 8-week program:  ca $370.00 

This course includes an 8 week program workbook, and mp4 meditation sent via e-mail with laminated focus cards sent to you via regular mail.


For more information follow this link to the Pathways of Light ® website.


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