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Reiki Classes

1st Degree Reiki


Reiki is a safe effective energy modality that is beneficial to everyone.

No experience is necessary. Anyone can learn Reiki.


During the workshop you will feel this healing energy flow through your hands.

You learn where to place your hands so you can give Reiki to yourself and others right away.


Reiki energy re-balances the energy field that exists around our bodies. When this energy field is clear of blockages and flows naturally, balanced optimal health is achieved. 


Learning Reiki does not mean you need to become a Reiki practitioner. Many people find Reiki compliments the therapies they already offer, or just helps bring balance and peace into their own life so they are better able to be of service to others.  Reiki is a gift you give to yourself.  Where you take it~ or where it takes you~is as individual as you are. 


Class is a combination of history, theory and hands on experience.


· an extensive, user-friendly binder

· History and Theory of Reiki

· Reiki Attunements

· Self Treatment

· Giving a Treatment and· Lots of Practice Time

· Your Reiki certificate

Duration: 2 evenings and 1 day or 2 days

Cost $ 210.00

2nd Degree Reiki


The second degree workshop takes us further into ourselves and gives us more powerful tools for self-discovery, integration and healing.  Students learn how to enhance the energy transfer.  Practitioners receive the first three Reiki “symbols” as taught by founder, Mikao Usui, and learn how to activate and use them.  Three additional attunements measurably increase the amount of healing energy.  This degree also includes distance healing, meditations, and practical experience giving and receiving Reiki Energy. 

Proof of First Degree Reiki will be required.


The Second Degree focuses on healing at the mental and emotional level.  Reiki Two heals past lives, assists with addictions and clears negative thinking patterns.  Distance healing is learned now and practiced.  Distance healing includes sending Reiki to someone around the world or just across town.  It also includes healing our earlier years in this life as well as the ability to heal our past lives —Yes, healing what might be considered our Karma.  Students are given three of the five symbols, what they mean, how they function and how to use them.   The student receives the second Attunement.


Duration:  2 evenings and 1 day ~ or 2 days

Cost: $350.00




Reiki Classes are booked based on inquiry....  If you and a family member

or friend are interested in learning

about Reiki, please contact me and we

will set up the dates!  

Classes are kept small and intimate for optimal  learning ability.

Universal life force energy,

An ancient gift from above.

Radiates from out the hands

Applied to each with love.

We are but the circuit

To help the body mend.

It’s not us who stand as healers;

It’s the energy we send.

Our Reiki hands stand ready

For what service they may do

For when we ‘re helping others,

We feel a healing too.

Reiki Poem


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