Reiki... spiritually guided life force energy.  Reiki works in many ways to heal and guide.  Reiki comes beyond the place of Ego, and is a blessing by anyone who experiences or is touched by Reiki.  Reiki comes from the Source, the Creator, the Divine Universe, guided by your Higher Self.  Reiki brings happiness, calmness, peace and love. 

Experiencing Reiki

Reiki feels like a glowing radiance of energy that flows through and around you.  Reiki treats the whole person, the body, emotions, mind and spirit. 


People often describe their experience by saying they feel as if they floating during the session, or have felt like they were being wrapped up in a warm, loving nurturing feeling.  For clients that are able to let go, it is very common to sleep during most of the session.


To rest so deeply during a session means that you are able to open up fully to the

energy and Reiki will be able to

work on a very deep level.


The most important result of a

Reiki session is the drastic reduction

in stress and a sense of relaxation similar to what people feel after a massage, but it seems to last longer.


There will be an overall feeling of being balanced, grounded and centered.

How Reiki works

Reiki works on the energetic level, meaning it works, not only on the physical level but on all the energetic levels ~ physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


                It is on one of these levels that the cause of

                physical symptoms exist and Reiki works directly

                on that level. 


                All of the energy levels are interlinked or are part

                of another, so what happens to one level affects

                all levels of the energy system.


So the symptom must be treated as a whole. This is what Reiki does. It works on all aspects of ourselves. By treating the body as a whole, you are not only able to "heal" or release the initial cause, but also the thought patterns that may have been created, the emotions associated and the physical attributes.

To understand Reiki we must first understand that we live in a universe that is made up entirely of energy. Our thoughts are energy, our emotions are energy, even our physical bodies and all physical matter is a dense form of energy. 


We each have an "aura", an energy field that

surrounds the body and all matter. Our

thoughts, emotions the very essence of who

we are resides in these fields. It is through

these energy fields that we get the majority

of the energy we need to survive.  One of the many causes for many illnesses or dis-ease is our repression of thoughts and emotions.


Thoughts and emotions are energy and in order for us to heal we must express them or "release them".

Benefits of Reiki and Energy Work

*Enhances Personal Awareness  * Natural self-healing  * Relaxes and reduces stress  * Balances energies in the body

* Relieves pain and discomfort  * Clears toxins, negative energy  * Balances the organs and glands 

* Sleep improvement  * Strengthens the immune system  * Strengthens intuition

Have some more questions?  maybe these answers will help....

Q)  Can Reiki cause harm?

A)   No, Reiki energy is always safe and guided by a

       higher consciousness. 


Q)  Where can Reiki be done?

A)   Reiki is a hands-on healing practice that can be

       done anywhere.   Sessions can be at a patient's

       bedside in the hospital, at your home or at any

       pre-arranged place.


Q)  Do I undress for Reiki?

A)  No. You do not undress for your Reiki sessions.

      Reiki will flow through clothing, blankets, even a

      plaster cast. You should wear comfortable



Q)  Is it okay to eat before Reiki?

A)   You will be lying flat during your session, unless

       you request otherwise or we are working in a

       chair.  So it might be preferable to not eat a big

       heavy meal beforehand. However, if you are

       hungry, eating a light meal or snack is

       recommended. If possible, do not drink any

       caffeinated beverages the day of treatment and

       drink lots of water, to help with the flow of energy.



Q)  Are there side effects that may be experienced?

A)   There are times when feelings and emotions arise due to

       the release of energy blocks, energy that is shifting

       throughout your body and re-balancing and due to toxins

       being released. Side effects may be experienced in different

       ways but these are the most common:  Crying, diarrhea,

       tiredness, feeling hot or cold, increased urination, tingling.


Q)  What do I do?

A)   Do not worry, these feelings will subside and you will feel

       better.  I promise.


* Drink at least eight - 8 oz glasses of water this will help flush

    toxins from your body and help to conduct your body's

    energy flow.

* Eat nourishing foods

* Avoid over consumption of stimulants such as coffee, tea and

   sodas that contain caffeine or alcohol

* Increase your alone time to separate your energy from others

* Increase your resting time

* Relax - enjoy and be good to yourself

*Listen to soothing music              *Take a relaxing bath

*Read              *Take a walk in nature

$90 - 60 min
or 3 sessions $240
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