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Yoga Therapy

It's important to be aware of imbalance in your body and breath.  Yoga is a practice to restore health in body and mind and is a journey that can be with you for the rest of your life.


Stress is considered a foremost contributor to illness, can lead to fatigue, a feeling of anxiety and depression.  If stress is not managed properly more serious problems or dis-ease in the body can develop. 


Yoga allows us to bring an expanded consciousness of loving, kindness, living and healing to our everyday lives and activities.  Focusing on healing the whole person; given the right tools, we can find harmony and balance to heal.


What you can expect from a private Yoga therapy session is meditation, chanting, guided-visualization, breath work, relaxation and poses adapted

to the practices of Yoga for the individual needs of people with specific

health problems, physical, emotional, or spiritual needs or challenges. 


How you can benefit from Yoga Therapy

Stress reduction

Improved circulation

Increased flexibility and strength

Enhanced concentration

Overall sense of well-being

Back, neck, knee  pain

Manage the pain of arthritis

Help you transition into a regular yoga class



Yoga is all about balance.  Many people have the impression that the physical practice of yoga is all about being flexibile, but physical flexibility is not the primary goal of yoga. 

Balance is.


Yoga is natural medicine for the body.

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