Offering a holistic way of viewing life, energy therapies improve the flow of energy in the body through relaxation, to reduce pain, relieve emotional stress while finding peace, connection and self-love through mindful healing.

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Access Bars

Access bars are located on the head that when gently held open up mental clarity to improve awareness and release limiting beliefs in areas of life that relate to creativity, time, manifestation, control, communication, money, hope and dreams and more; creating a greater expansion in your thinking and knowingness. 

Acupressure Energy Balancing

This modality uses 'muscle testing' as a feedback tool to identify stress and energy imbalances and blockages in the body.


Energies flow through channels in the body, the meridians, and these are the body’s healing energy pathways.

Working with the elements of life we test muscles for 'under' or 'over' energy,  using pressure points to bring that muscle and its associated meridian and organs back into balance.

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The amount of energy within you varies from day to day.  There is a natural rhythmic ebb and flow in the energies of our bodies ~ but we absorb energy in various natural ways.  Reiki helps balance these energies in a simple natural, beautiful heartfelt way.  

Along with Reiki, I may use crystals, singing bowls or tuning forks & breathing techniques to balance the body.  

Essential Oils Massage

Combining the artistry of aromatherapy with massage with a gentle application using a combination of reflexology, massage techniques and the layering of essential oils which are applied on the reflex points of your feet and along the spine to bring balance to the body.

The massage helps align the energy centers of the body and releases blockages to bring balance to the body with a relaxing sensation.

Great for the immune system!

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Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi is described as “the loving hands massage”,  a connection of heart, hands, and soul with the source of all life" and comes as an ancient Hawaiian healing technique focusing on healing both spirit and body.

This massage focuses on bringing the mind, spirit and body into harmony...Throughout the process energy healing is taking place by removing energy blockages within the body's energy flow.

Heavenly Thai Head Massage

Heavenly Head Massage uses a variety of techniques to relieve muscle tension and improve circulation. The massage uses firm rhythms on the face, scalp, neck, shoulders and upper back to provide deep relaxation and re-balancing.    

Techniques can include energy balancing, acupressure, massage on the back, neck, head and face.

The session is very relaxing, balancing and re-energizing

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Heavenly Thai Foot Reflexology Massage

The Thai  Foot Massage is a relaxing yet invigorating treatment of the feet that emphasizes the massage in order to stimulate the reflex points of the feet.

Massage oil is then used with a variety of hands-on techniques to create a unique foot massage.

Massage on the lower leg and knees unblocks energy within the body and produces a unique feeling of balance, relaxation and well-being.  An energy balancing massage.

Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling

The Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling creates a place where you can look at the ‘unconscious’ thoughts that are behind your discomforts, fears, pain, anxiety and inner emotions.  Together we help you get in touch with the Highest Source within you.


In the Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling you are helped with each step of the process with a guided meditation that allows you to access your inner thoughts and feelings. 

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