Wellness Packages

During one session you will often have more clarity in how you would like to continue the healing journey but it can be hard to keep the momentum going forward.  These healing packages allow you to keep moving forward and you will see a continued change in your personal growth. 

Now is the opportunity to try something new!

Prepaid Packages

Self-Care Package A
$240  for Three REIKI sessions to be completed within
six weeks

Session may include: 
Meditation, crystals,  tuning forks & Intuitive Connection
A savings of $30
Relax and Release Package C
$270 for 3 Sessions to be completed in 6 weeks
3 Sessions of Lomi Lomi
A savings of $30
Pamper Yourself Package B
$240 Heavenly Series
Three sessions to be completed within 6 weeks
Heavenly Head Massage 1 hr
Heavenly Facial Massage 1 Hr
Heavenly Foot Massage 1 hr
A savings of $30
Immune System Renewal Package D
$340 includes Four Sessions to be completed within 8 weeks
2 Sessions of a 1 hr Essential Oil Massage
2 Sessions of Foot Reflexology Massage
A savings of $40