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 A variety of course are available for your spiritual growth.  These courses are based on A Course in Miracles (ACIM) and as an ordained minister with Pathways of Light (r) I can be your mind healing partner as you move through your journey. 
The courses can be studied individually or purchased as a package.

Pathways of Light Course Descriptions

Strengthening Your Awareness of Inner Wisdom

203: Introduction to A Course In Miracles

Learn what A Course in Miracles is all about.  This course gives an overview of the important ideas and lessons presented by A Course in Miracles.  Learn a process that helps you see past the physical form to the Light in everyone.  Understand why it has become a major, worldwide influence in the transformation of consciousness.


113: Empowering Yourself by Changing Limiting Mental Habits

Discover ways you may give your power away by following outmoded patterns of expectations.  This course will help you perceive yourself and the world differently to be happy and experience unconditional love no matter what is happening around you.

In this course, you will identify the mental habits you may have developed which create tension, guilt and self-doubt and allow more constructive inner scripts which empower you.


802: Oneness Awareness

Remember who you really are and connect with the wisdom of your True Self.  Learn to recognize the true voice of your True Self as your Inner Guide. 

202: The Healing Bridge of Symbols & Rituals

Throughout history, mystics have used rituals to form connections between the conscious world of form and the inner, spiritual world, which is without form.  We believe we live in a physical dimension of time and form.  From the perspective of form, it is impossible to perceive the formless infinity of God - All That Is.  Symbols and rituals can be bridges to unseen reality.


801: Receiving Inner Wisdom - Tool for Self-Transformation

Receiving Inner Wisdom opens your inner windows of communication to Universal Inspiration, and taps you into the consciousness of unconditional Love.  In this course you will have the opportunity to practice receiving Inner Wisdom with ease and a sense of deep peace.  With the guided meditations, you will find it easy to practice reinforcing the habit of allowing your Inner Teacher to be the Source of guidance in your daily life.

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