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Ritual or Reading

This can be a moment of silence or prayer, to express appreciation your behalf to everyone who traveled far to be at the ceremony, and to acknowledge anyone absent who is important to you.... a relative who is ill, or could not travel, or a beloved deceased relative or friend.


You can use this moment to light a candle or place a flower on the alter to honor the absent family member.


At this point in the wedding ceremony, we have the opportunity to present rituals or readings. 

A ritual is how you as a couple symbolically demonstrate the start of your new life together.


For a reading, a wedding guest or a member of the wedding party can read a short piece that is wise or romantic, thought-provoking, spiritual or funny.  A reading will flavor the tone of your ceremony.

do you wish for a scriptural or poetic tone? Modern? 

If your wedding combines two faiths or cultures, you may want to represent this by a reading(s)


A 25 minute ceremony might involve two shorter readings or rituals.  Please keep the environment in mind what considering a ritual; a candle ritual can be effected in an outdoor ceremony if the wind picks up,  or in a small space with lots of bridal dress!




Reading Samples
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