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A journey for you to help reach the part of yourself that you feel a deep connection to and a wish to understand.

A wonderful spiritual practice that has a beautiful  way of  bringing a fresh outlook to life.


A simple and effective method of healing that combines the energy of Qigong with massage.

A technique to open up the flow of energy and vitality.

An energy balancing treatment for the legs and feet



"The massage is one of the best that I have ever had I love the way it works the whole body."


"The first session caught me by surprise because it was unlike any form of massage I'd experienced in the past. , I never do any "body work" on my own - but I was put  through a strenuous stretching session, with no effort whatsoever on my part!  During the session I could actually sense myself starting to "let go". I began to daydream...and it felt like my mind was opening up as well and floating a place where things seemed possible again....."

"Reiki has been a tremendous blessing in my life......"


" was so relaxed.... "


"I feel lighter and stronger - from the inside out."



An energy balancing treatment for the upper body

An energy balancing treatment for the whole being

Lomi Lomi Hawaiin Massage

Called the 'Loving Hands Massage'