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Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling


There are times when you may need personal attention in a one-on-one setting.  In the Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling, the focus is on allowing your Inner Wisdom to enrich your spiritual growth and help you heal in a way that is best for you.


When we feel powerless, helpless and afraid, what we really need to do is accept the truth that our real Identity is perfect Love.  Thinking that we are on our own and can make decisions on our own is the source of all our problems.  Along with believing that our identity is separated from the divine comes guilt.  With guilt comes the fearful experience of powerlessness.  Your mind may be returning again and again to review a scene which upsets or disturbs you. You may be angry at yourself or another person. You may be experiencing dis-ease or getting hints in your life that something needs to change. You may need insight from Inner Wisdom on how to see things differently.


Everyone is really a part of God, which is Universal Love.  In order to have an identity as an individual person, we must reject or deny our real Identity as Universal Love.  When we reject our real identity as Love, we feel a lack of love and believe we are unlovable.   We are Love’s extension.  When there is a willingness to be open to a better way, there is a new receptivity and a willingness to be quiet and listen for a better way. 


The Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling creates a place where you can look at the ‘unconscious’ thoughts that are behind your discomforts, fears, pain, anxiety and inner emotions.  Together we help you get in touch with the Highest Source within you, your Inner Teacher, your peace.


This process opens the door for you to acknowledge your Higher Wisdom allowing you to clearly see limited fearful perceptions in a kind and loving way with your inner guide. 


In the Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling you are helped with each step of the process with a guided meditation that allows you to access your inner thoughts and feelings. 








As part of this counseling, you will receive an Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling sheet where you record your statement of purpose, Insight from Inner Wisdom and a new focus.  This Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling will help you see this area of your life in a very beautiful way.

$120 - approx 1.5 hrs 
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