Heart to Heart

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God has lit your mind Himself,

and keeps your mind lit by His light

because His light is what your mind is.

A course in Miracles Text 7.III.5:1

excerpt fromLesson 101Perfect Happiness  Author Jon Mundy, Phd

Light is Life

Light reflects Life, Light and Life are aspects of creation. 

Light, Life and Love are all reflections of perfection.

Part of the Foreward written by Donna Eden in Author Pamela Miles book REIKI A comprehensive Guide.


"Reiki is a system of healing and spiritual development that has enjoyed popularity and success worldwide.

Originating in Japan nearly a century ago, the practice has been taught to millions of people.

The approach (Reiki) reacquaints us, in our high-tech/low-touch society, with the healing power of loving, supportive, nonsexual physical contact and offers a graceful context for offering it.  A the most profound level, as conventional medicine wrestles with with implications of the convergences among quantum physics, superstring theory ("vibration is everthing'), and frontier topics in biomedical research such as cell regeneration and the human biofield, Reiki may be way ahead of the curve in showing how the emerging paradigm can be applied in health-care settings and for self-healing.


The fundamentals of Reiki can indeed be transmitted in as little as eight to ten hours.  That is among Reiki's greatest strengths.  People can be practicing it on themselves and their friends after a weekend class or short series of evening classes. 


Reiki is generally associated with 'non-specific' benefits - such as deep relaxation, stress reduction, more restful sleep, enhanced immune functioning, greater peace, and increased self - awareness - rather than the treatment of specific illnesses (though these nonspecific benefits can have a strong impact on an illness).


Excerpt from the book:  REIKI A Comprehensive Guide

"Reiki is an invitation to wellness.  Although Reiki is easily practiced, learning it involves a subtle vibrational transmission.  Even more that being taught to practice Reiki, you are empowered to practice.