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Situated in North Battleford at Lifeways Integrative Wellness Center, I offer an approach to self-healing with holistic techniques;  therapies to improve the flow of energy in the body through relaxation techniques, helping to reduce pain, relieve emotional stress and restore balance while uplifting your well being through peace, love and your connection with mindful healing.

 Our sessions are energetically connected to bring balance to the physical, the emotional, mental and spiritual layers. Many of us feel change physically, however a sensation that reaches this point has been energetically imprinted.  The physical feeling is really the last part that we are usually aware of.

Self-care is an ongoing journey.  


When participating in a session with me, divine energy is utmost in our sessions.  A loving energy that is felt deeply in our heart and soul.  

Energy Healing

Energy Balancing


Finding a moment for yourself . . .

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Registered with the Academy of Naturopaths
and Naturotherapists of Canada

Check with your insurance to see if your session qualify's for Benefits!

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